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i thought since lil sis did a topic on men i jus have to do one on women now there are several types out there in the sea

1> stuck up just plain out thinks sh'e everything and thinks she is beyond and or better than everyone else.. *beep* poor mate

2> country gurl these are the more laid back types they have fun in the sun some hunt some fish some even like camping some like nascar hehe most of these are like ellymay very hot and beautifull to the touch and eyes make great wifes most are not dumb now they do have some smarts bout them at least in the woods lol just gotta love em

3> little barbiesalso known as big breasted bimbo's now if ur looking for a one night stand or just a quicky every now and then with a perfect body then here's your type not wife material though

4>chicks!! the younger ones known as chicks now dont get carried away im not talking like as in kids here im talking like uh oh dont get offended anybody

the 20's type usually dont know wat they want out of life except for sex , drugs and boose now if u want a party gurl for non marriage but a play toy this is her


5> ok im done for now

lol have a fantastic day beer.gif


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i prefer goddess-takes B.I.T.C.H. to a higher level wicked.gif


xena, warrior princess, is also an option... smack.gifcleaning.gif


we don't have girls like the one you described up North, unless they immigrated. we have different models nono.gif


sandy Angel.gif

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