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A girl with a reputation



In high school, I was all prim and proper, didn't date.

In college, I rebelled and went wild with men and was way too loose.

After college, having not received my MRS degree, I tapered off the wildness and sulked for having 'missed the boat' so to speak.

Finally met my husband when 30, he wass 31, we married during that 3 week period when we were both 31.

There has never been another man in my life since marrying my husband, other than my dad and my son.(they are technically men, though not in a romantic attraction sense) I did marry a man like my dad and my son is a carbon copy of his dad. EWWW is that kinky?



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not kinky at all!!!!!! i have always wanted to BE my daddy. he is the most handsome, intelligent, funny man i know. since he has no sons, and i'm the oldest, i have been treated like a "boy" my whole life. i think there's a lot to be said for loving one's father and always hoping to find a man who shares his qualities!!!!!


love ya,

kim pash.gifpash.gifpash.gif

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ok kim lil sis its ok to admitt u a tomboy


and janice hun where was i during your wild stage good grief i missed out huh


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