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I think Greg has realised that I don't need him to do EVERY thing for me. He has been absolutely wonderful, maybe just a little overbearing at times but wonderful nevertheless. I'm now allowed to take my car out the garage in the morning!!! And I don't get sent off to work with lunch anymore, I must sort myself out. I'm glad he's backing off a bit, I think he was stressing himself silly trying to think for me as well! He told me last night that I'm walking so much better (I must have been walking REALLY bad then)!!!! lol! Maybe this will get better afterall!!!! beer.gif


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It does get better! Slowly but surely, things fall one by one into place. The new normal may take awhile to get used to. But I can tell you after some time has passed, you'll look back and remember when you couldn't do a certion thing. When that happens take a moment and celebrate the gains in your recovery!


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