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Extreme Early A.M. Alarm



The last three mornings I have been rudely woken up by a deafening racket. I don't know about other survivors, but my hearing is more acute as is my sense of smell is acute.

So I am snuggled in my bed, it is still dark, the dog or the cat hasn't decided to tag team me, because they have a need for food or a trip outside. I am retired, I can sleep as long as I'd like. The phone hasn't rung with one of my kids calling or a friend. Instead I have been woken up by a very loud piercing..... song. Nope it isn't my neighbors singing in the shower or a person out for a early morning walk. This song occurs at 3A.M. And continues non stop for hours.

Now I'm all for perkiness and happiness in the morning, starting the day off right and all that. But I don't need this loud piercing form of music. I don't appreciate it. It doesn't start my day right. The hour of 3 A.M. is either for getting home from being out or to be utilized snuggled in deep warm sleep. That's how I see this. So this morning was day three of getting woken up by this particular tune. I have PMS. I was annoyed and not at all compassionate or appreciative.

I rose out of the bed with murder in my heart. I was *beep*. The tune continued unabated for over an hour, very chirpy and upbeat. I switched on the overhead light, ewalked out into the kitchen. I flung open the cabinet door under the kitchen sink. I was muttering to myself the entire time, using language that would make a sailor blush. I found the can of Raid, as soon as my hand closed on to that can, I felt a satisfied smile on my face and a warm feeling spread within me. I walked back into my bedroom, followed the sound of the song and saw it. A black inch long noisy cricket. I evilly gleefully said Ah Ha! You're a dead one now and sprayed him with the Raid. I wasn't sure if it would do the trick as it was for ants only and I was misusing the product, which is against the law. But he nonchalantly scurried into the crack of the pocket door and disappeared and then started singing again. So to be on the safe side, I sprayed quite a bit into that crack. An hour later, I found my morning alarm, on his back with feet up in the air, never to utter another ear piercing tune again. Ah tomorrow morning I will have bliss. No more 3 a.m. alarms for me. I am amazed how loud they are in the house. Outside I enjoy hearing them, they aren't as deafening as inside.


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hey Pam:


in our previous house we had cricket making racket just at my side of the house, Iwas surprised that how much racket that small cricket does, and did you know they make that sound by flapping their wings



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