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A chuckle for you all



Does anyone else like hearing those moron stories on the radio? The true stories about peoples total stupidity? Well I have a real life, I'm not making this up story to tell. Plus I needed to blog something to get off of page 2.

My soon to be X and I were having a heated phone conversation yesterday. He sputters that "All you handicaps use that excuse when it is convenient." Now before I continue, you all must remember he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, lights are on but no ones home.......So I sarcastically say "really"? He says yeah, like you, you're the perfect example, you are intelligent but you say you are brain damaged..... you're just faking it. "I am, am I"? Yeah he tells me, theres nothing wrong with you. Now I still have one functioning arm/hand, I walk like I'm drunk and I still have blindness in my left eye and still have left side neglect. He said you can get around pretty good on your own, you didn't do as well here, you are faking it. No, I'm not faking it, I'm just getting better. But gee I get tired of play acting this disabled routine all the time. Why didn't one of you guys point out that I was faking it and doing a poor job to boot????

In case you think I am upset by his lack of compassion and understanding, that doesn't surprise me, it is how my recovery has been all along. He is an ignorant jerk, that I am lucky to be rid of. I just hope someone sees the humor in this as I do. I've been getting some decent mileage out of this since he said it to me.



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WOW! sis looks like you found yerself a gem huh? pash.gif

oh.....well,i hear men are scarce around those parts,but still theres gotta be..........

that seems to be apravailing atatude "you handicaps" wanting something for nothing

i chalk to up too the regan youth"pull yer self up by you boot strap" waycon1.gif ~sigh~

i['llstop nowbefore i start ranting lol_2.gif best of luck hunting! cocktail.gif

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in 1997, right after i had my stroke, i went down to Fla to visit my folks. my dad, who had had cardiac bypass surgery a month before my stroke and almost died as a result, was making fun of me because i was aphasic.


when we were first going out, John asked me, 'aren't you using your illnesses to get sympathy?'


now that they are both disabled in a similar manner, i have refrained from reminding them on a daily basis or saying 'i told you so' or 'payback's a b***h'


my dad is now very sorry that he ever made fun of me.


i must go upstairs and remind John of this pearl of lack of wisdom. he's been especially ornery this evening.


sandy cocktail.gif

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I never knew you had married such a jerk, good you got rid of him, you know I have been told before, if you are really happy from inside recovery comes in real spurts, hindsight is u waited too long, u should have got rid of him as early as possible



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Good to know y are getting rid of him!

You seem very independent as much as y can be on your own.

Do you think it may be your ex does not want to come to terms with the fact that

y stroked? Denial maybe?

lorrainelm cloud9.gif

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I know that my soon to be X, was mad I stroked and took it out on me, acted like it was my fault, ect... He is more like a overgrown child having a tantrum cause things weren't going his way. But that is all in the past, water under the bridge and I'm glad my life has one less piece of luggage in it!


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