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British Invasion



Today is the day I will have my personal British Invasion. Now there aren't many screaming hysterical young girls. Just me, maybe I could talk some young things into acting a part, make him feel good.


Peter arrives tonight at 6 at Albany for 2 weeks. Wednesday we go to Woodstock. He is excited at the prospect of Woodstock. I want to show him Woodstock where tye dye and Patchouli oil still reigns as does smoking a joint on the village green till the cops show up and everyone scatters. Woodstock is full of little shops and loaded with tons of local color. Lou is driving us. Monday night I have plans of throwing a american BBQ for Peter to experience. Sunday, is open and I plan on watching football.

I'm thrilled the day has finally arrived. It has felt like Christmas Eve when I was a kid for weeks now......


Update: As of 2:45 eastern, Peter has arrived on American soil. Soon I'm off to Albany to collect him. Yippeee


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u mean there is a woodstock there in ny?

i thought ga was the only place left where we named a city woodstock lol

good luck to you and peter

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It's fun to have overseas visitors as you get to see your town through their eyes and play tourist without going out of town. Remember to take lots of photos to lock in those memories.

Enjoy the visit.


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hey Pam:


have lot of fun on ur romantic vacation. take him to niagara falls you both will love it there, its such a honeymoon place.


Now I know your reason for being so happy







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I hope Peter didnt watch the same holiday programme I did the other night. They were talking about jet lag and how to overcome it. The solution: not to go on to US time at all. Stay on British time. This guy was up at 3.00 am having had a "nights" sleep. He visited the fish market. Went to Times square ( is that right). No one was there and a few other things oh Empire state building when it opened- no queues.


He didnt have jet lag when he got back either.......


Have a lovely time. Visitors always make you visit places you had been meaning to for ages.


Take some time to soak up the atmophere- a cup of tea, a smoke, and the family of deer



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