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My first entry




What I did on my summer wait...its been longer than summer. This unwanted vacation began on January 19, 2005. That's the day after I could not ignore what was happening.

A what....stroke...brainstem...not me...I don't have time for this!...Can't afford not to work!...can't be sick!...No thank you, I am staying home, after all I am a nurse...yea, alot of good that did me!

I will skip over all the stroke stuff...

Finally spring! The garden is calling me. Hasn't been done right for years and I have the time now. My physical therapy. Shaped it, dug it, mulched it, moved around things, put in new things, tried to remember the names of flowers and plants...therapy?...watered, weeded, watched it grow.

Well...not as easy as it sounds, but it got done. Looks nice for an amateur.

Moved to the back and did the same. Had the WILD idea to build a path going to the centers area for a campfire area. It's still not finished but has been used quite frequently by all my kids and the gang who call me mom.

Being a mom at home is what I had always wanted, but what a way to get it!!! I am working on appreciating it more than I do...I miss being the me that was...alot of days I think that me may be gone...and I don't like the tired, dumb sounding person I am alot of days...mow the rug...I know the kids laugh because sometimes what I come out with is funny, but some days it hurts.

O well...that's all for today. Finally got to the first page!!



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hey Mary :


nice meeting you, good to know you are doing lot of other things than concentrate on ur stroke and throwing pity party, oh I did it for a year, now got back my senses and started appreciating life, I have been thiking about gardening for long time, but don't know where to start, and how to start, being mom is fun, I have 8 yr old boy who I thought don't need me home, but more I paid attention to his needs, realised he is still my baby who needs his mom forever



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Hi Mary,

Welcome to blogging!!

Look forward to getting to know more about you. I enjoy gardening as well.


See I told you we are clones bouncesmile.gif


Its funny how the family seem to know what we are talking about even if we get it wrong.....but not always. My boys just have this look now which says "what are you talking about "... to me it made sense.....

Oh well, we just have to laugh.

take care




PS you are doing good considering it is not long since your stroke

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Hi Mary

I love gardening too though mine is mostly pots, due to other problems. I have spring flowers in bloom here, as that is our season in OZ(Australia).

Good to hear your sense of humour coming through.

I used to have heaps of kids around when we had teenagers and building an area for them is a great idea.

Hope you find plenty of things to do in fall and winter, with so much to look forward to in spring.


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