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Found my way back.....



After moving to school, getting started with classes, starting my job at school back up, a failed relationship, and Hurricane Katrina....


I am back!


Needless to say, most of August & the first part of September was just crappy but I feel like I am finally on the right road. I started school on the 18th and my classes haven't been as fun as they were last semester. Everyday I looked forward to the lectures because they were interesting and so was my Professors...this semester, dullsville! tired.gif I am doing well though and so far have made A's on all of my tests including the dreaded Anatomy & Physiology!! I was so excited to see that 95, I studied so hard!


I won't even get into the failed relationship, I will just say that I thank God for instincts and the ability to walk away when I know it's wrong. I don't settle where a relationship is concerned and I won't start anytime soon. I did care for the guy very much and he was a great friend, but it obviously wasn't meant to be. The way I see it - God is just making room for something better in my life.


My Daddy is doing much much better. I thank God everyday for the progress he has made. Mentally, I notice some things that weren't there before the stroke in July but it doesn't matter...I am thankful to have him and for the fact that he can communicate with me and know who I am and remember things. His Physical Therapist released him last week, but told him he would still need the walker when going out anywhere. He saw it as a burden, I see it as a blessing...atleast he can walk! I just try to remain positive because I know that ultimately if he sees me smiling and happy about something, he will accept it too.


My Mom and I are on better terms. Me living away from home really helps in that department. If we start to argue I can always hang the phone up and I do. When she starts to pick a fight I just tell her she can call back when she wants to have an actual conversation with me and I hang up. Saving fights makes me feel better. I think my being away all week helps her to appreciate me more than she would if I was there 24/7....I know it makes me appreciate things at home more.


We live in Mississippi and were affected by Hurricane Katrina, but once again we are thankful to have our lives and our home. We had some damage and were without power for quite awhile, but that is NOTHING compared to some. I was at school the night it hit and it was a rough night...the wind was horrible, I do not think I have ever heard anything quite like that. We had no electricity, phones, all we had were each other...our entire floor kinda bonded because the wind was too strong to get downstairs (our doors open to the outside). I think that experience really humbled us in a lot of ways, the next morning when it was over and we walked out of our rooms finally and saw all the damage...we just hugged each other, thankful that while school was canceled and there was a lot of repair to do...we had our lives. Thankfully, all of our families were ok as well. The wait to get through to our family was brutal as well, but I have nothing to complain about..I am here, my home is here...I am beyond thankful.


I feel like I have made some big adjustments in my life since the last time I posted, all for the better in my opinion....






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