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time on my hands



Hey Everyone


I just read a post which said that someone had posted a birthday a day early. Let's get something straight here, time is relative to where you are on planet Earth. Like it is Sunday afternoon 3.33pm here, while in Vancouver it is still Saturday 10.33pm, in New York it is Sunday 12.33 am, Washington DC is 1.33am, and good old Wellington capital of New Zealand is getting dark at 5.33pm Sunday afternoon. That is why you can always have scotch first thing of a morning, just say:"I promised Sue in Australia I'd have a drink with her. Cheers' Sue." Better check that out on World Time first though.


So if I post your birthday greetings early it is because I am up as midnight my time clicks over and up pops your name.You get to have a birthday for 36 hours instead of 24. Neat eh?


And on the subject of time, why do friends always ring while I am in the shower, just as I go to cut up Ray's meal or in the middle of my favourite telemovie? Don't they have any idea of the time???



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Sue, I follow you, I'm good for 36 hours, I had my nap, ready to party till the cake is gone. I have a sweet tooth.


My best to Ray this morning, my time. happydance.gif

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Many Americans do not understand time zones. It really is not that difficult a concept and there are so many helps online these days. For some reason we have been taught we are the center of the universe and everything should revolve around the US. Geesh.

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I have absolutely no problem with celebrating my birthday for 36 hours, rock on. I was also pleasantly surprised to see it on there "yesterday", it put a smile on my face and helped get me excited about the family celebration we will be having. Thank you for the birthday wishes!!!


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I was going to make a comment about Lins reply but I think it will get in me trouble. sleazy.gif so I wont bother giggle.gif


I have realised that if I get up early I could catch you all in chat. I would have been in bed asleep and some of you will not have even gone to bed yet. Wierd uhm.gif


Time for me to say good night Zzzz.gif


Enjoy your evening!!


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