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This week's about football



High School football.

Here's the scoop...both of my snos have played football prior to and through high school. Last year would have been the first year that both boys would have played on the same team; one a senior and the other a soph. Well, the senior decided not to play. Alot of reasons but that's another story. The coaches were not happy as they had planned on my boys being the line. I don't understand football even after all the years watching them, just try to follow the ball and watch out for my kid to get up after a play...guess its a mom thing. youngest son was 15, 6foot4 and 275...the coaches were slobbering over him throughout his junior high years and once he hit the high school team had been telling him he was a candidate for all county (whatever that is)

Then things turned around one day....his older brother had to be hospitalized for being suicidal and since he had been in the ER all night with us, he was not able to practice. I called the coaches and filled them in on the situation so they could be a support to my son. The next day at practice there was some kid to kid stuff going on and a coach came to my son and told him he could "be a quitter just like your brother"

Skip all the administaative stuff we went through with NO solution.

After that day, my son was kinda made an example DON"T question the coach...take what they give....whatever happens on the field stays on the field"


Now this year began and my son went to the first 2 days of camp. This is a kid who is a sport...plays whatever he plays with all his heart and happens to be good at football. They werent letting him play. After seeing this kid losing that heart or spirit or whatever it is...I transferred him to the public school.

After only ONE day at camp, they listed him in a newspaper article as a KEY offensive player. By the second game he was starting offense and playing alot of defense, by the 3rd game starting both ways. The coach has told him he will be all county. When watching the game film, the coach compliments his plays, last game even a referee called him aside to tell him that a play was awesome!

So after such a long story...come to this week...Friday nite the game is against his old school! My son is really pumped up. Over the weekend, his junior high coach came to him and told him the team (my son's old theam) was watching the film of his last game (my son's new team...they watch each others team the week before they play them) and the coaches told the whole team that my son was the one that they had to concentrate on stopping.

This makes me nervous as a mom that someone will TRY to intentionally injure my son, after all they know his "weak" areas...old injuries. My son is not concerned, just makes him more intent to play harder and win...All his friends who saw or know of the situation with the old team are behind him, cheering him on and some who are on the old team still have been behind him and even said that they don't want to play on the opposite side as him.

Big week...lots of testosterone around here with all the guys getting pumped for this anxiety rises with the testosterone. Will keep you posted.


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Wow and I worry about a soccer match bouncesmile.gif I know the feeling when they are playing an "old" team- it really fires them up.


I hope all goes well, they win and your son scores or whatever they do in football biggrin2.gif



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I'll be thinking of your son and sending energy his way. The good thing is if he's all county (it's a team they "make up" from the county with the best players. Of course there isn't a team but that's what it is. The best of each position. Football is dangerous but if a young man get on a team, gets a scholarship to college, gets a good education so that he will be able to earn s living after football, it's wonderful. Some get injuries; some don't - just like life. If the young man goes on to the NFL, he can be set for life. Good money, spend it wisely, invest wisely, open a business such as a sports store or restaurant which would do well because you sre well known. Get a pension after 5 years, I believe or something and he's set for life- AND they don't abuse their body with drugs (well, some do but many don't) Sports are good for young men. My grand nephew just went to Slovakia as a member of a 4-man member of the Junior US Dirt Bike Racing team. He went to Brazil last year. Seeing the world. Takes care of his body but- he must go to college so he will have something to do workwise if he doesn't make it professionally- He's 19. A sophmore.It the way to go if you can.
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