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ok heads up for my fan's lol



lol i was asked if i was gonna blog about what i did on my very little break so i suppose i will

and no lol there was no skating rink involved this time ok here goes

miss jean proposed to me i said yes we are do in the carribeans very soon to dance the night away and of course miss janice will get my first dance

that is if gary can hold back cinder lol and i went close to where cinder lives i found a bunch and oi mean a boo koo bunch loads of corn my lord no wonder that woman is on the net her whole world is surrounded by corn lol and cinder becarefull they are peeking in your window right now

and of course im typing under my quilt simply cus of the hot flash's gf going threw my lawd at least miss jean therw with hers dats a big + for her

allready umm i went out back craw dad huntin and tadpole fishin slipin and slidin down tha creek welp that was my little adventure

hope my fan's are pleased gleam.gifbeer.gif


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For those of you who don't do late night chat, now you can see what you're missing. Stan had a very 'creative' time there on his mini break from blogging. Cinder, me and a few others humored him, though, so he has these illusions that he just blogged about above. biggrin.gif



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this late night chat thing sounds TOTALLY whacked and bizarre...thing is, i LUV whacked and bizarre. what time is this chat, anyway???


sandy cocktail.gif

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