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As I was hobbling to my car this morning, I started remembering a couple of moments. The first was my first bath in hospital. I was not enjoying the bed baths and asked my sister to help me bath. Well, it was hysterical! I don't know who was more wet, Judy or I lol_2.gif The really strange thing that struck me today was that the whole time I was in hospital , I was not scared. I wonder why not? It didn't seem to bother me that my left side was not co-operating. I think I kept waiting for "things to come right" not realising that this was a long term crisis. The other funny thing I remembered was in rehab, there was a board in the gym with notes for the therapists with a bold "Do not remove pen" written along the bottom. My sister pointed this out to me and guess what? There was no pen!!! lol_2.gif We just cracked up! Every time I went past the board, I had a little giggle to myself!


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