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i feel myself sinking in depression slowly but surely dangitt

i made the mistake of taking a new pic last night which i did post on this site

in the gallery

and i just looked and stared at the 2 different pics of me of how i use to look as to now i must say its very very disturbing to me alot

i cant stand it now!!


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i'm sorry that your sinking into depression. flowers.gif it seems to be happening a lot these days (see my blog for reference)


maybe you need a modification of your antidepressants, or a trial if you're not on one. maybe to need a vacation, or getting something that makes you happy. maybe you just need to talk.


i can well understand mourning the loss of a physical self that no longer exists. however, you looked really good in your last pic. your shirt, however, has got to go-washed out green is not your color. how about iridescent green, or red?


sandy cocktail.gif

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