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trying to do too much



When I got up this morning I only had two things to do, go see my Mum and take Ray to a funeral (his brother-in-law's mother's) at 3.30pm. Then a friend called and could we meet for lunch? I said, okay, but we've got a busy day. Then Ray asked me to go to the pharmacy to pick up his pills, only he seemed to be short a prescription.Well to get a script we have to see the doctor.


It all turned into a very big deal with each event taking more time and me getting later and later and more frustrated. I don't know if I will be late for my own funeral but was for Nora's!! Luckily the usher got us in up the back and not too many people noticed and we did stop for afternoon tea and caught up with a few people so the day wasn't wasted. And we did enjoy a very brief lunch with our friends with promises on both sides to do it again soon and allow more time for the next one.


I find a good day is when we do a couple of things, four in one day is far too much. For both Ray and I it goes by in a blur. But sometimes that is the way life goes. Now he is sleeping and will probably wake up a little groggy but tomorrow is Saturday and not a lot planned so will let him rest up most of the day.


Doctor's report is another matter althogether. When we had all the "bad news" it was a blow but I said to Ray it's nothing we really didn't know already, it is just that when you have all you're suffering from listed together it sounds pretty devastating. And we all know that doctor's predictions are not necessarily accurate, so don't let's panic yet. So far, so good.Sue.


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i've learned that whenever i do not have a 'routine' visit with a doctor for me, John, or my parents, i leave that day free if i can. that way, if i have to process any disturbing news, i have time to process it without being rushed into another commitment and (hopefully) without being too tired. i wish that John, who needs the most time to process disturbing doctor news, would do the same thing, since his denial and lack of processing makes life difficult for me, sometimes so difficult that i want to move to Tahiti. i think that i'm going to insist on this for John's next doctor appointment.


i feel sad that you received disturbing news at Ray's last appointment. you seem to be one of the best and most stable caregivers on this board and i'm sorry that you guys are having such a hard time pash.gifpash.gif


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