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Using a telephone



This is the begging of my journal.


Couldn't sleep well last night because I was nervous that I had to make calls this morning. I never liked the telephone when I was healthy but now it's worse because I have problems to speak. I didn't know how I was going to wake up, will be a great actor remembering lines or will I be a baby talking learning how to say words.


Finally got the energy to make calls. First for New Jersey Health, trying to get information about Medicaid. Of course, I always start the conversation about my stroke and aphasia, "So please, speak slowly." At least I have been found that New Jersians are wonderful people when I tell them with my aphasia problem and they speak slow. The worse problem is when I have to take numbers -- they were nice and they weren't angry. Anyway, the woman told me that I am not able to use Medicaid because I get "too" much money on my SSID. Too rich getting $921 a month. Ha, ha.


Next call was to call a periodontist whom I had emailed last Thursday. I told him my story and that I have no health insurance at all. He emailed me and told me to call Monday to make an appointment and they will see what they can do for me. Could he be a Santa Claus?


Third call was to my Veterans Clinic, trying to get information if they do work with dentists, especially a periodonist. They were nice and put me on the dental line. Bad thing is that I had to leave a message and hopefully they will call me. Yeah, right. In August I went to check my eyes and they told me my glasses will be sent within 6 weeks. They didn't come. In November I called the Veterans Hospital and they made me to call the factory, oops, sorry the laboratory. They disconnected me several times and finally I got a woman and she told me that they don't have my prescription and I had to call another number. The woman there told me that there is some mistake, because they had send the prescription. At the end she said she was sorry and she is taking the prescription to the laboratory and the glasses will be done "immediately." What is immediately -- it's been 2 months and I still have not gotten my glasses.


Thinking that I am going to clinic to tell them to forget my prescription but I am sure that my eyes are getting worse and if I can get them, it will be a waste. Have to get a new prescription.


Oh Lordie, that's life.





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