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Periodonist Day



January 5, 2005


I don't mind the rain. Actually, I love to sit in front of a window while I am on the computer to watch the rain and enjoy the sound. But today I do not need rain, especially when it is cold. I have an appointment for a periodonist at 1:45 and yesterday, I was trying all day to find how to get there. Sadly, there is no public transportation here in Manchester, New Jersey.


If I want to make my appointment, I have to take our village residence bus to the bus terminal and from there to take a bus close to the doctor's office. Unfortunately, I would have to take the village bus at 8:45, and then take a bus from Toms River Terminal at 9:51 to arrive in the Lakewood Bus Terminal at 10:49. From there, it's about a mile from the doctor's office.


Arriving in Lakewood, I would have to hang out for 3 hours, which is okay, because I love to walk. Thought I could visit the town, which is well known. But with the rain, I cannot do that. So I have to take a taxi and pay $25 for the one-way trip.


I had tried to find a closer periodonist where I live. I called one and the receptionist told me that, to just visit the office I had to pay $200, before the doctor could see me. And then of course, there will be at least another $200 for the x-rays and radiographs (whatever that is).


At least the periodonist who I am going to visit (I had emailed him last week about my gum problems and told him that I have no health insurance and that I live just simply from Social Security Disability, and he answered to call Monday to get an appointment and he will help me.) I called his office and I was surprised, just have to pay $95 for him to see me and check my gums and teeth. And of course, there will x-rays and other things.


A week ago I went to a dentist in Long Island and he said there was nothing he could do for me and told me I have to go a periodonist. Meanwhile, sitting there, he did clean my gums and teeth and filled three teeth on the gum, and I was shocked and angry to pay $280 for doing nothing. I left his office, hoping that at least the pain would leave, but no way.


So what can you do? At this moment, I will do ANYTHING or pay whatever just to take out the pain and the annoying. Some people think I should go to the Veterans Clinic in Brick, New Jersey. I did called, and the woman said, I could get an appointment in June. Told her, I cannot wait, the pain is terrible. She said I can go the clinic, but problem is that I have to wait and hope that they will have time to see me. And of course, they are not special dentists. What I had to do is take x-rays and then they will decide what to do. Ha, ha.


They will probably take the x-rays and they will send them to Newark's Veterans Hospital to decide. Yeah, right, like my glasses which I am waiting since August.








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