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Happy New Year



I'm really looking forward to the New Year. Everything was so new in 2006. It seemed like I was just along for the ride; if somebody decided I should do something that is what I did. Lately I've been trying to take more control of my environment and life. This is good for me but sometimes I think it drives Awesome Chick nutty. It must be an adventure to be married to somebody who is charging through life one minute and sitting down the next with no clue what he was doing the minute before. Of course AC handles it great.


During the last half of 2006 I turned a major corner emotionally. I'm much more accepting of my cognitive disabilities and even enjoy working out those compensatory strategies on my own. I've been coming up with ways that work for me. I've even been doing that in the therapy area to. We found a therapist that listens to what Awesome Chick and I decide is important for us to work on. Then she helps us understand what will help us achieve the results we want. Then we figure out things that fit into our life, our way of doing things and quite frankly things that we enjoy doing that will help achieve the result. It has been over a year since my strokes. I know that the chance of actual healing of my brain is very very low at this point. I also know that the sky is the limit as far as how much the quality of my life can improve and the number of ways that can happen are countless.


My son came home from college for Christmas. Wow was I shocked. He had a beard!!! I wasn't even sure if he was able to shave that peach fuzz I thought he had on his chin. I was also shocked because I've been wearing a beard the last few months, almost the exact same style. The big difference is one of us has a mostly gray beard and one of us has a very dark beard with not a hint of gray. I will leave it to the reader to guess which is which.


My daughter is in the process of starting a new business. She was in catering with her grandfathers


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Hi AJ, nice to see you posting again, I noticed you had cob-webs on your blog so must have been lost back in the old archives...lol.


I agree that people the like of President Gerald Ford will not be seen again. As an Aussie I guess I only follow American politics by news items but he seemed like a great man, as long as you weren't a spectator on the golf course, I believe he hit a couple of them!


You are as you say "dam lucky to have what I have" we all are survivors and caregivers alike. It sounds like acceptance has made you feel more in control of your remaining post-stroke deficits.


Keep up the good work.



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I read the blog entry knowing that you've got lots of reasons to look forward to a great year ahead. Turning the acceptance corner, finding a therapist you like and everything else put together will all add up.


Don't worry about that wife of yours handling all the changes. Just keep calling her "awesome chick"---no woman could resist that, especially when I get the impression that you really mean it.


The funeral of Ford is just five minutes away from me. He had a big impact on Michigan through the years. I hope something happens that we can get back to a kinder, gentler brand of politics again like in his era, but I'm not holding my breath.



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Hey AJ:


Happy New Year to you and your Awesome Chick, hey you know what from your this blog I can see so much improvement in you already, accepting and making best of your life today, and BTW I am on SSDI from age 35, but I see upside to it, I am getting chance to raise my child, and enjoy it too.






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