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My new Lover Boy!!!



So I have a new love. He's my avitar. His name is Axel and he's a dapple grey Thoroughbred gelding. My sister gave him to me. He's needs trained and I'm on my way to doing just that. I've never had a thoroughbred and can tell a big difference in the Quarter Horses I've always been used to.


He's much more spunky. Yikes!! So I wear a helmet when I ride him. I don't want these old bones breaking at my age. Especially my head. It's messed up enough as it is!! LOL!! Anyway I'm really happy I have a new purpose and goal in my life. Time for me every afternoon when I get off work.


My hubby is still doing great. He has a colonoscopy tomorrow so he has to drink that yucky stuff starting tonight. They found some blood so I'm hoping it's nothing even though I can't help but to worry a bit. Of course I won't let him know I'm worrying so we'll see.


Love you guys........and so glad you're here.


Cindy : )


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Looks like the saddle is bigger than usual or my eyes playing tricks on me from the picture I see in your avatar.

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