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Girl Scout cookies,paint, and light fixtures



Tomorrow I tread into the unknown waters of selling G.S. cookies, we have a parent troop meeting and will be getting all of the cookie information. I despise fundraisers, but we will try this one year and if isn't too much of a headache.. we may participate next year.


Hubby has been on vacation this week and has been doing one house project after the other. Our garage lanterns have been broken for some time and he bought new and replaced them this morning, and repainted our LR (I picked out the color of course and supervised the work) I picked out a light yellow color...Looks great!!!

All of this was done without any hints or nudging from "old wifey"


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My daughter was a Girl Scout for a number of years; I thinkI was her best customer LOL! I adore Tagalongs. Both my kiddo and I enjoyed Cookie Booths rather than door-to-door selling. W had many repea customers which made it easier each year too. Good Luck - hope you enjoy the experience.

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Hey Amy:


I hate it too that was our main reason not enrolling our kido in boys scout, he has joined 4H instead, and tell you the thruth I love 4H, I get very close community feeling in 4H, we always buy in all fundraising in 4H and in his school, for that matter I am getting involve with PTO of my son's school, its great feeling giving back to his school, my time and our money, I am sure you will enjoy all those girl scout things, they do lot of great things encourage great family settings.





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