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just another day in the neighborhood

cheer mama


Well yesterday I started my blog and today I found out that I didn't do it right. What else is new?

Thanks Asha, maybe everyone can see it today. I hope it's not too boring for you all. I surprised myself, when I sat down to write I wrote something completely different than what I had planned. Does this happen to you?

Other than starting my blog, yesterday was SOS. I read some though. Yes, I AM BORED! What do you all do to keep busy?

This weekend should be better. My daughter has a cheerleading competition in New Orleans ( we live in the Houston area, so its just a 6 hour car trip away). We leave around noon tomorrow and stay over night. The competition is on Sunday, we drive straight home after it's over. I hope it won't be too late as my dh isn't a night person.

I'll tell you all about it on Monday.

Marden GO STORM!!!!!


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Welcome to the blog community. Don't worry about being ' boring' or 'entertaining' or any of those things. That's not what blogging is all about. Oh, and keeping stuff in draft the first time a person blogs is such a common thing that it's part of Asha's job to look for that situation. You are not alone.


Looking forward to reading more about the ups and downs of your life.



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hey Cheermama:


welcome to our blogworld, and as Jean says don't worry about blog being boring or entertaining, I find blogging very therupetic, and I have found great set of people and made great friendship with people in my own little community, now I already know you are cheerleader's mom that's why you got that name, your weekend sounds fun and busy for all of you. I would like to know more about you, you see I am active only in blogs, so if you can tell us more about you, that will be great, and I would love to know your first name too.




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