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A big day for me



Before I stroked I was a daily Mass goer. I know that isn't popular now days. It was obvious from how empty the church was each morning; me and only about a dozen retired parishoners. It's not hard to explain why I went. It just seemed like the right thing to do to start out the day worshiping God.


Well since my strokes I can't drive and I don't walk around by myself because I will easily get lost. So it has been hard for me to get to Mass. Today Awesome Chick took me before she went to work. It was like a homecoming for me. It was another part of my normal life that I feel I'm getting back. We talked about this and it would be too hard for her to take me every day. But she is doing to take me every Friday morning. I hope I can hook up with one of my old Mass buddies and catch a ride another morning or two.


This is also another step in my independance. I'm hoping to be able to get into some volunteer work and doing it through my parish makes sense. Before stroke I used to be involved in Catholic ministries in the jails and nursing homes in the areas. What a blessing it would be to work my way back.


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Although I am not Catholic but Anglican I was once a daily attender too. I had time in theological college so got in the habit there. I could not leave my husband to go so it was one of the things I gave up to be a caregiver. I still miss it after seven years.


There is a lot of voluntary work to do in any church so I am sure the parish will welcome you as a volunteer and hook you up with a driver. The school might be able to use you as a reading monitor (that is what they are called hear) to listen to children practice their reading too.


Ray and I are Lions as he was one before his stroke and I joined to support (drive) him so we also sell raffle tickets in our local shopping centre and attend fortnightly meetings. It is very important to be visible and available for opportunities to find you.


Good for you for wanting to put something back into the community.



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its awesome that you were able to go to church today, I am sure if you go few times with your Awesome Chick, you will find ride to go more often, I always think if there is a will there will always be the way. Since I can drive local, I found so many opportunity to volunteer has opened up for me, and I love it, though my calendar is not fully booked, but I am working towards it, I have never volunteered in my life before stroke, so I am loving my that personality post stroke wanting to give it back, As somebody told me before only cream of people likes to volunteer, and I am so happy you are one of them, youe Awesome Chick has found trophy husband.




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