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Another Perseveration Sunday



Well it was a new one on me. A couple months ago I was told that I was perseverating. I'm what? Should I be embarrased? Should I cover it up?

I guess perseverating is something like doing the same thing over and over again for now reason. Yesterday was a BIG perseveration day. I really have this problem on the computer; especially on the Internet. What's bad is if I'm on the computer more than 20 minutes or so the big time migraines can come on. If Awesome Chick isn't home to stop me I can be on the computer a lot longer than that. Yesterday I was on the computer 8 hours straight! Oh boy the rusty spikes were getting pounded into the head and the light show was going off in my eyes after that! Awesome Chick wasn't home to stop me. It all started innocently with an email from a friend. It was a transcript of a speach the Democrat Leader of our State Senate had given last week. Speaking in terms of our service men and women versus the people they are fighting he said that maybe the insurgents are the true patriots. The disgust I felt was the last thing I remember and I spent 8 hours on the computer composing and re-composing and researching and re-researching a rebuttal to his speach.


I'm just now getting to where I can think and my head hurts pretty bad. Tomorrow I'm going to find out how I get this letter to this so called public servant. I actually ended up with 4 type written pages that will be pretty good after some editing. I don't remember doing it though. It's kind of like ghost writing.




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AJ, can you take a cooking timer and set it for 20 minutes. your "cue" to stop, rest awhile 20 minutes or half hour and then try again... again setting the timer...


At first I could only be on the computer a short time, then it got better where I could be on for longer periods of time.


Migraines are NOT fun.. I had them for YEARS.. mine have been much less often and less severe since the stroke..(after the first year)

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Oh gosh AJ, I know what you mean with the writing. Whatever I write, now I do not send it till I reread it the next day first. Sometimes I can really see how I was in a totally different mindset some days.


Now, I just have to get better about holding my thoughts (but mainly my temper) when something really torks me. The other night, we were trying to have dinner in this crowded restaurant. The group of 5 sitting next to us were drinking quite heavily and this one guy was really swearing alot, REALLY bad for a public place. There was a family with three little girls sitting there and finally I could not take it anymore, he kept doing it even tho I kept shooting looks at him. Finally on our way out I called him a fouled mouth idiot and pointed to the little girls and he starts yelling "its a public place" to which I shot back "yeah and we're all being subjected to your mouth!".....I (having kids) have known how upset I used to be by people who give a darn children are present when they use that kind of language. Its so rude...but just made me so mad for this family- they're night was wasted by him and his language not to mention our dinner experience too...

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