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Man - O - Man, how "Time Can Fly"



It seems to me Christmas was last week, then the new year. Here we are near the middle of January struggling to find all our tax papers so we can complete a timely tax return by April 15th. In fact, I'm still writing 2006 on my checks, my brain can't keep up with the year.


Then low and behold the weather is sunny with above average temps across the nation for the month of January, a winter month for sure. Only in Colorado, I suppose with monster amounts of snow and not even a snowflake in New York so far. Florida may miss out on the snowbirds from the northeastern states this year, no reason to leave home.


Not much fuel being used for heating homes so the gas prices are falling some. The global warming is here, flowers are already blooming early and it feels like spring is just around the corner, not months away.


Maybe we will all prosper in some way or another. My hope is the war comes to a close real soon and lives will be saved. Being here at the front gate of the troops departing and many not returning is difficult to endure day after day for an unknown period of time.


I think the holiday season has just about come to a close, so here is hoping all your doctors appointments will be a shinny light in your lives this year and all the good things appear for goodness sakes.


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