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Getting there.........



The last few months have been busy...


All our dogs are a bit chubby, but Mindy my Aussie/border collie was getting quite big and lethargic... we took her to the vet and she has low thyroid.. so now she is on a thyroid pill 2 times a day. I have been good about remembering to give them to her. I have her little pill bottle where I can see it every morning.


We changed their food to a low calorie and I am trying to get "dad" to cut down on the treats.... Muggsy one of min pin's is a "ham' and knows a "sucker" he gets up on a chair a slaps the table with his foot and looks at you and "talks"..... it is hard not to giggle and give in. Well I have been getting a treat out once a day but I break it up and they share it.... over the weekend I noticed how many times daddy was going for the treats..... I said whoah .... break it up .. and share it they don't need that much. I am working on them loosing weight. (and they are). we also have a 15 yr old malmute mix.. we rescued her when she was about 6. We have been fighting skin allergies, with her for years... I think I have tried 100 kinds of dog food....lol well I have found stuff called "The Missing Link" its a powder you sprinkle on their food.


They love it and their coats are all so shiny and soft. Tasha (the malmute) is doing much better also.. Tasha and Mindy get a Fish oil capsule daily also. Think we are getting them healthier .....


John was diagnosed with a heel spur and plantar fascitis. I have been reading loads on the internet ...

The Dr. recommended a brand of orthotics to use until his customs orthotics are made.

Also I keep a water bottle in the freezer and when he comes home or it hurts he used the bottle.. under his foot, rolling it back and forth. This seems to help. So between husband and dogs...lol trying to keep everyone "happy"


Washington has had very strange weather... 15 inches of rain in November, 10 inches of snow, the end of november .. we were snowed in for 4 days.. John's shop was closed during this time.


We were very lucky and only lost power for about 5 hours. some areas we without over a week. We got high winds up to 50 and over 60 mph gusts. South of us has so much damage.. Then more rain and wind..

and more expected over the next couple days. and snow.. I am really looking forward to Spring this year.. or for these high winds to quit.........



We had a great Christmas with the grandkids.... A busy couple weeks.. I did manage a couple days of quiet time in between to recoup and re-energize.


I really did enjoy the Holidays this year.........but with John not being able to be on his feet much (after working all day/week) I enlisted my daughter and we did the Christmas shopping. Tracy also came over and helped me decorate.


We are starting some inside remodeling.. new floors in the small bath, laundry room and kitchen. We found some really nice "used" kitchen cabinets.. the base/bottom ones are in... the top ones I think when the weather is a bit nicer and we can open windows and doors... and hopefully John can be on his feet without pain.









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Here is an article from Saturday's paper: First medicine for overweight canines wins federal approval.


The government approved the first drug for obese canines on Friday called Slentrol, the pfizer Inc, drug is aimed at helping fat Fidos shed extra pounds. "This is a welcome addition to animal therapies, because dog obesity appears to be increasing," said Stephen Sundlof, director of center for Veterinary Medicine at the Food and Drug Administration.


A dog that weighs 20 percent more than its ideal weight is obese. That takes in about 5 percent of the nearly 62 million dogs in the United States. An additional 20 to 30 percent are considered overweight.


The liquid drug appears to reduce the amount of fat a dog can absorb. It also triggers a feeling of satiety or fullness according to the FDA. This prescription drug can produce some side effects and is not for dog owners or human consumption, Nor is Slentrol, also called Dirlotapide, for use in cats.

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