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After the flu



George is finally feeling better after getting the stomach flu. I just didn't realize how much more he would be affected than someone who has not had a stroke. It affected his speech and energy level and everything else. It really scared me when he was so sick. Luckily the dr had prescribed Fenagren for me a couple of days before George got sick and I was able to give him some with the DR's ok. He was in Bed from Friday to Sunday and only got up for a little while Sunday. He finally told me that "He never felt so bad". I am so lucky that we have our caregiver, Frankie, who comes 3 days a week. However, she got the bug too and was out sick a couple of days with it also. Last nite we actually sat and talked. It takes him a while to form the words sometimes but he is doing pretty good with it. I think I miss talking more than anything with him. He has such a good sense of humor and he still can crack me up just with his expressions sometimes. It's a sunny warm day here in TN today and George is sitting at the front door looking out at the sunshine as I write. It's a good day.... : :rolleyes:


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Glad to hear George is feeling better. Yes it is surprising how much it affects us. And takes awhile to get any energy level back.


Good to hear things are going better.

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Hi Wendie


Glad things are better for you, I've missed you at Caregiver Chat.


Ray gets confused with any infection that raises his temperature and also seems to take a long time to get over the tiredness.


Glad you and George were able to have a long talk, that used to sustain me after Ray's major strokes. Unfortunately he has gone quiet lately so it happens less frequently.


Hang in there, Sue.

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