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Why is he suddenly off his center?



Eddie has been doing verry well over the past few months. Its been about 10 months now since his heart attack and stroke. We have learned how to deal with most of the little problems he has. He has become much more confidnet and physically as well as mentally stable. until last weekend. He seemed just a little disorented. Got a few things mixed up but we all do that now and then, dont we? Then he mentioned he burns when he pees. Ut Oh! He has a history of prostate infection. he was being treated for one when he had the heart attack. Its friday afternoon. Too late to see a Dr. But I call the Cardiologist office and talk with the Dr's nurse. Told her what was going on and that i kept the bottle of antibiotics he was using when he had the heart attack. He also had something to keep the prostate from enlarging, but the cardio Dr said he didnt need them and not to take them. But I thought maybe he needed them now so I was asking. She said she really didnt know but would try to find out. Later that evening he started with hard chills and high feaver. 101 to 102.


Saturday morning I tried to contact his urologist. I know he has an answering service on the weekends and could be reached. But I found out later that someone in his office put the wrong side of the tape in. And the message i got was that the Dr would be on vacation until AGUST 4th. WOW this is the end of Feb and that is a very long vacation. So I went ahead and put him back on those two drugs assuming that would be what the Dr would do. He always had before.


Monday Morning I got hin to the urologist. After he saw Eddies list of meds, he said dont give him another one of those antibiotics. They dont do well with coumidan. His urin looked clear, no infection. But he wants to see him again in a week and retest. I really think the few antibiotics kept the infection from showing up. But why is Eddie more confused today?


Tuesday we went to the Nurologist for a scheduled follow up attp. Dr looked him over good. Looked in his eye for a long time. Checked his balance, and his perifial vision loss. Discussed decreasing his dilantin. Said all looks good, see you in 6 months. Ok, so he hasnt had another stroke or anything like that.


Wednesday he saw his Cardio Dr. Gee we are getting tired of Dr offices. LOL much less the expence. Cardio Dr said we didnt hurt him any by puting him on those drugs. said he looks good. See you in 3 months.


Ok now its friday. A whole week. I cant see that he has improved any. He is getting things turned around in his mind. His walk is very diferent, more garded. he reaches out and tests things before he grabs. Much like he was doing very early in his therapy. He was very agitated yesterday. today not so much but definately disorented and slightly confused. Atleast confused easily.


I hope he will clear up soon. I am very puzzled by this set back or what ever it is. His speach has been very good, speaking clearly and loud. Now it souonds to me like he is talking way back in his throat. sometimes he talks very slow and struggles for some words.


I hope I am not imigining things here. But why would I do that? I want him back to his best. The best he can be. I feel bad about giving him meds he shouldnt have had, but I really tought i was doing the best for him. I have a swarm of feelings going on inside that I cannont explain.


Thats it for now. im at those unexplainable feelings. and dotn know what els to add here. Except for I hope he gets better soon. and I dont know who to talk with about it all.


My mom passed away 2 years ago. sure wish i could talk to her. oh well...




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Hi Babs,


I can't give you any answers but I wanted you to know that someone is listening/reading. You may never know what was going on with this little episode but the first few little downs like this can be so upsetting and discouraging. Hopefully, Eddie's bound back time won't be too long.


Isn't it mind boggling how many specialists we acquire with a stroke! Some months it seems like that's all we do.


Hang in there, Jean


p.s. My day passed away 12/25/1999 and I still miss him. :friends:


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Babs ((((HUGS))) that's the biggest hug I can give you. Sounds like a critical event of some time, did anyone suggest another MRI? I always remember that Ray's 2005 stroke was "nothing" until it appeared on the MRI!


See if you can get his general health reassessed by your local doctor. It is amazing what a full blood test can pick up. In the meantime give both of you soft easy to digest food, a few quiet evenings, plenty of warm fluids and if you can manage it, plenty of rest!


I am sooo sorry this is happening to you right now.



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