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I haven't written anything since October, but come to the site everyday to catch up with everyone. I have been working full time since August and am rather tired at the end of the day. I had my stroke in Nov 2005 and am still seeing progress. I recieved a new AFO in January and it really helps with my walking, athough, I am on my feet from 7:30 til 2:30 with breaks for lunch 1/2 hour and planning period 1 hr. I go to the fitness room 4 days a week and work on the weight machines and treadmill and continue to ride my exercise bike for 20 min every day. My left arm and hand have come back nicely and am seeing myself using more naturely daily. I am now in charge of cooking dinner ( big mistake) and kitchen cleanup, doing laundery, folding the clothes and putting clothes on hangers. I can also dust, but don't do floors or vaccum. I haven't yet ventured to the mall by myself, but can do discount stores because they have buggies. Yesterday, my husband let me drive 1 1/2 hours to pick up my son for spring break. All in all I am beginning to feel like myself again and have excepted my disabilities. I think this is in part because my students except they way I am and treat me as if there is nothing wrong. There are 3 students who go to lunch the same time as I do and I told them that my goal is to beat them down the steps. I have come close, but haven't done it yet. They comment almost everyday that I am getting close and when I do it I can set a new goal.

I have also tried the walkaide, but haven't decided if I want to spend that much money. The doctor told me that I had foot drop and wouldn't get any better. That I don't believe. Since getting my new Afo, I am getting my heal to hit first for aabout 15 minutes after I take it off. I have also been using a stretch band on my foot to stretch my foot and leg muscles.

I hope you all continue to make progess and continue to keep up with you all.

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it's so great to see your update, your progress sounds awesome, it's great to see people like you.



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