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everything looked good




The doctor's office called and everything looked great. I'm so releived. Why do I do this to myself? I make myself age years, in just days from worrying. Also I have a bad habit of trying to read the echo techs body language when doing the test. Then I go home and replay the body language and wonder what it "might have meant." Does anyone else do this, or is it me and my mental disorders??




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Dear Amy--


I don't know about mental disorders, but I can assure you that we all go through the anxiety you feel. Why shouldn't we? Strokes are not something we see everyday. Strokes are serious business. There are a lot of different symptoms that can indicate stroke but can indicate so many everyday things, too. As laymen, how are we to distinguish them?


I don't know if the following suggestion will help you or not but I hope it does. When I am faced with a situation that I don't know the answer to immediately but I start to worry about it, I have to say to myself: Will this worrying change matters? Instead of using energy to worry, I start to look for answers. Not knowing the answer is the worst thing because your imagination takes over. I don't know about you but I have a vivid imagination.


What will get me the answer faster? Worry or finding a solution to the problem. I find that when I am working towards a solution and there are several steps to go through before you find that solution, your energy is better spent and your anxiety dissipates. I hope this helps you. Take Care. LK

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Glad you got a good report, Amy. Everyone worries and wonders if the techs see something they aren't allowed to tell you. These tests are scary but so important to get the treatment we need.


:friends: Jean

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I am so glad everything is good, so I won't worry about your qorrying disorder, I think it's quite natural to panick about things which started road of recovery from stroke, so stop sweating and have fun



your cyber angel



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