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A Miracle of Sorts

Betty Jean



Well, this is nothing short of a miracle if you ask me. I got Jim to come out in the back yard and actually do a lettle work with me. We have small holes in the yard that our dogs have given us for a present so Jim went around in his chair pulling some topsoil on a 4 wheel dolly and was filling in the holes for me. See, Jim has become quite the couch potato. He will lay there and watch racing for hours and it just drives me crazy so I sort of guilted him into going outside and getting a little fresh air and exercise. I don't know if I can do it again but even once was pretty darn good. I'm celebrating!


Betty Jean



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Betty Jean you've got to celebrate the small successes. Getting Jim into the garden and out into the fresh air is good. There is healing in that. And the vitamin D in sunlight lifts your mood.


When Ray had stroke no 4 our doctor said to go somewhere every day to stop depression, so if Ray doesn't want to go out I say : "Sorry, doctor's orders." And mostly he just likes being out where people are as long as there are not big crowds.



Plan little outings if you can with the nicer weather coming, maybe to some of the places with happy memories attached to them for both of you. Good luck with your re-acclimatising Jim to being outdoors.





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Dear Betty Jean--Congratulations in getting Jim outside. If your weather is anything like ours was today, it was a great day to be outside. Hopefully, now that he got out on a nice day, he will be more willing to do it again. Good LucK! Keep persevering!


BTW--I heard on I think "Today" show that Aspertame, used in diet sodas, actually breaks down Serotonin in the brain and in doing so makes depression worse. Take Care. LK

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That is great news Betty Jean. How are the tomatoes coming along?


Hopefully you can convince Jim to come to the St. Patrick's Party for the AZ gang. And when you do come, I need you to help me figure out where to put tomatoes in my yard!

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