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A chance for them to see the truth



I am so happy. the doctor that i saw yesterday at Rush called me this moring. She said that she talked with the first doc that saw me and they decided to look over everything again. maybe there are some reasonable docs in the world of modern medicine.


Becky from Chicago

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I have been reading your blogs and posts, and see your frustration, you getting mad at your mom, I do even today and i m 35 year old lady, but when I think about it more, they tell us to work hardand stuff cause even their heart is bleeding to see their child suffer, it is hard for them to accept 2, I m dead against of saying the word accetance, but I realised that we have to accept this as our today but trust in God that future will be bright. even our parents also mourn for their loss, you have to give them time and hey

I also wish its not spinal cord injury, that way you will be on your feet and do lot of things, I know sometime we rambe cause we r mad, but we don't mean it. you know your family loves u very much, and also you wanted to live on your own, somehow because i m indian we stay with our parents till we (girls) get married, and boy always stays with their parent or parents stay with boy. we r family should be there for each other


lots of love, hugs


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