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cheer mama


Good news I'm not as frustrated as I was when I last blogged. I haven't tried to sew lately either. I am still interested though. I found an easier project to work on when I resume.


Inspired by George I have been spending more time on my therapy in terms of structured exercise. I dug my saeboflex out and have been moving balls around. I also ordered some new (to me) equipment for exercising my shoulder as it has been showing more signs of loosening up.


The Cheerleading season is over, our squad decided it couldn't go to Disneyworld without a paid bid though, so we will have to stay home and cheer on the other squad which did earn a partial paid bid. Our end of year banquet is Friday night. My daughter finally decided to send some pictures for them to show. She is very shy and usually avoids such exposure. But, since she is a graduating senior I think she deserves the recognition. It is kind of sad for us here to realize this is all coming to an end now after so many years. She hasn't decided if she will find a way to cheer in college. I think she needs to acclimate to college first.

Also this weekend we are throwing an 18th birthday party for her at our home. It will be a Luau/pool party. Spring comes early here in southeast Texas.


Last weekend my son went to New York for his spring break and got snowed in! He finally got home on Sunday instead of Friday.


I wish I could be as eloquent as Geoege (read his blog GIzmo, Gadget Guy), but I'm not so I plod on. I have always believed in the Power of Positive Thinking , the Golden Rule, and reaping what you sew. So I find all of this furor over "The Secret" (See blog bookclub) to be quite fascinating. Why are people so afraid of this concept? On World news tonight Charlie Gibson actually called it dangerous. I hope most of you out there are more open minded. I do think you can go a very long way with positive thought. If it doesn't come easily to you please consider some chemical help. I have never seen anything good come from depression and negative thoughts. I'll get off my soapbox now. I hope you all are well out there, get out and enjoy the first beautiful weekend of spring. Before you start, when I finish reading the entire book I will add a comment to the bookclub blog.




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Your daughter's 18th birthday sounds like it will be fun. If your daughter has been involved in cheer for a long time, it would be great if she decided to pursue cheer in college.


Like you, spring comes early for us in AZ too(Phoenix area). As a matter of fact, blink and you miss Spring as it's rapidly Summer temps.

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Dear Marden--

Your daughter sounds sweet. I think shy people don't really realize how very nice and sweet they are. I don't know if she had to be talked into to it, but I am glad she submitted pictures for the Banquet. I wish her the best in her college endeavors.


Perhaps the first semester she will get her footing and then later she can or will feel more comfortable in trying out for cheerleading. It sounds like its something she is really good at and enjoys. As long as she enjoys it, I hope she will decide to continue.


I am very interested in The Secret. I watched the Oprah Winfrey show on it. I, too, think negativity and depression sap too much energy. I feel a positive attitude is something you keep working on but if you don't polish it everyday, you have to start over again and build yourself back up.


I went to the bookstore and looked for the book. I was told it was $5.00. I thought, I could afford that. Well, it was a little more. When I have a little more money, I'll go back and buy the book and the CD.


I hope people don't think that this will get you rich. Rich doesn't always make you happy. Its nice if you are rich but I believe its more about contentment and be happy with what you have, both tangible and intangible.


But I can say, bureaucracy can put a dent in one's attitude. They try, they try very hard. They need to read The Secret! I know, I'm persevering...I'm persevering... :hahaha: Take Care. LK

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