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My friend was close by my side yesterday. He was winding his way through my back, my neck, my head and my eyes. He was especially angry, and when angry he is efficient and merciless at what he offers to me. His offerings are so abundant that he, Pain, literally overflows and cannot be contained within me. When pain overflowed yesterday he became confusion and anxiety. How can I explain being so overwhelmed that I don't recognize familiar places? I am exhausted and wanting sleep but Pain keeps me between the sweetness and comfort of sleep and the full awareness that he is crawling through the synaptic web within my body; angrily setting nerves on fire.

Yesterday Pain performed with such expertise he even struck fear into the heart of his accomplice, Nausea. Even the powerful and debilitating nausea dare not show his face when Pain, is slithering wild and unabated through the nerves of my body. Even Nausea, his dear and close companion dare not tread on the purity of Pains exquisite work. Pain is master, pain is king. Only the Lord of Hosts will he bow down to. Only the Lord of Hosts can turn him to the infinite nothingness that he will one day become when I am free of him. But today, today my sweet Lord, has chosen to allow the demon to run free.





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Here I was hoping your next blog would be about more music being played on your recorder. Maybe in the near future, Pain will leave you alone or at least give you a break. What about getting relief through hypnosis? I'm sure too that this hinders you in completing your "honey-do" lists.

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I think some others have said accupuncture has also helped them.


I have been taking calcium with magnesium and folic acid. I am Cymbalta an antidepressant, it is also used for diabetic patients with neuropathy. The CPS seems better since I have been on it.


This past 2 weeks, I have been "over doing" and I have more CPS pain than I usually have. I have pain pills, but do not like to use them much.



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