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A Ghost Story

Betty Jean



I haven't blogged for a while, but this is sort of interesting so I thought I'd tell you about it. We bought this house about 9 years ago I guess. Shortly after we moved in, we became aware that this house had a ghost in it. It isn't a bad ghost, it just wanted to let us know that it was here so we would see someone go by out of the corner of our eye but when we turned to look there was no one there. Then, when Jim changed jobs and I started spending many evenings all alone, the apparition would make itself even more visible. There was always a comforting feeling to it as if it wanted to say " I'm here, you aren't alone and I'll keep an eye on things for you." Now that Jim is home and recovering and I've had to go back to work part time, the ghost is showing itself totally once in a while to Jim. It will walk right between Jim and the television set when Jim is just waking up or drifting off to sleep. Again it's like it want Jim to know that it is keeping an eye on him while I am gone. My son has seen it too as has my former daughter in law. It's sort of reassuring to me to know that the house ghost is watching over him while I'm gone. I know that if it needed to, the ghost would find a way to wake Jim up in an emergency. We like to think that it's Jim's father taking care of his son, but who knows. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, we've got one and we rather like him/her so I hope he/ she stays around for a long time.


Betty Jean



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Betty Jean,


That is so fascinating! I also believe in the "ghostly presence". It would be interesting to track down the history of former residents of the home or property to get an idea of the "who" your apparition is and their story. It is said we all have guardian angels, maybe this person is your's and Jim's.

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I really didn't think anyone would pay any attention to that blog because it was so unusual. It is the truth, though. The lady who had thd house before us dies of cancer but not in this house. By law if anyone had died in the house the realtor would have had to tell us. So......that leaves us with with being over an ancient burial ground, somebody being murdered and buried under the house, or a guardian angel. I prefer to think it's a guardian angel who, by the way, woke me up this morning with the soft tinkling of the prettiest bells in my ear. It was the lovliest way to wake up. Thanks for reading it.


Betty Jean

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I too have lived in a house with a ghost, it was also had a protecting feeling even to the point of keeping thiefs from breaking in on several occasions, I knew the people who owned the house and found out their daughter-in-law had some of the same things happen to her.

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At the conference center I worked, we had three settings. In one of the houses, we had a ghost. The story goes that the Tilghman's and the Goldsboroughs had a running feud about a bounary between their properties. One day, Mr. Tilghman and his two idiot (historical reference, not an insult) sons were running past the disputed boundary in their carriage and saw the (2) sons from the other family building a fence on the boundary. An argument ensued the one of the idiot sons took a gun and shot one of the sons from the Goldsborough family.


The mother of the son who was shot, was looking out the window and could see the whole thing but couldn't do anything about it. They brought the son home who died in one of the guestrooms we use in the Library. Her grief knew no bounds and she finally died.


It is she who is the ghost. She appears in the guestroom but only to men who feel they are out of touch and have no control. Our conference center is located in the country and away from just about all modern conveniences. Oh, we have the amenities of a Marriott but we are far removed from any city.


One happening, involved a man who we provided transportation for and brought him out because he was meeting w/ the President of the Institute. He was what we called a "Special Event" because he was not attached to any conference. As a matter of fact, we had no conferences going on at any of our centers and he was the only person staying over on campus.


He had quite an experience. The next morning, when he met w/ the President, he was madder than a wet hen. He reamed the president up one side and down the other. He told him we should never rent that room or allow guests to stay in it. We should hermetically seal the whole building and not use it. He had a horrible experience.


He said the hallway and his room got really cold. He felt this extreme sadness, a grief he never felt before, it was extreme. Then he felt some comfort and saw a woman comforting him. This lasted a few minutes as she tried to comfort him. Then he saw an arm come across her front and suddenly, the atmosphere felt dangerous. There was a great deal of anger in the room. The arm dragged the woman away.


We had another guest who had a similar experience to this. Everything became freezing cold, then he felt such security and comfort and then the anger. In his experience, he felt the grief from the ghost and it affected it him so much, all he wanted to do; he felt the only thing he could do was go home and make sure his daughter was OK, that no danger was lurking about her.


Staff members mentioned having experiences w/ the ghost. We had (2) resident artists in house, a man and wife. They both played the piano. We had one in the Drawing Room of the Main House and the artists brought their own piano which we put upstairs for them. We would hear the piano upstairs being played and for awhile thought the artist wife was playing it. But that wasn't the case. It was the ghost.


I worked late at night working on the high level conferences w/ last minute changes. There was an enclosed brick walkway outside my office and often times I could lady's footsteps walking down the hall past my office. I never looked up to see, I'm not that brave....


I always thought it fascinating. I liked your blog. Take Care. LK

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your story indeed freaked me out, but your thoughts about him/her being guardian angel calmed me down




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