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Strikeboy Stokes again...





Or maybe that was StrokeBoy Strikes again!


Awesome Chick and I are always looking for things that are constructive for me to do yet therapeutic. All the assigned therapy I do can be so tedious, boring and there isn't much of a feeling of accomplishment. Yesterday I was assigned long division and multiplication of two digit numbers. It turns out I have a long way to go to be able to do that. That's kind of depressing for a person whose favorite classes in college were 4th and 5th semester Calculus and Partial Differential Equations. Hey I couldn't do that stuff now anyway but common... give me a break will yah?!


Now for the topic of today's post. Awesome Chick and I try to come up with things around the house that I can do that have a detailed set of instructions. That's another thing my therapists are working with me on. It seems all my elementary school teachers were correct and I can't follow instructions. Well the task for the day was a set of instructions from the trusty Home Depot Home Maintenance book. Yep I was to unclog a drain in our bathroom. It went pretty well to start. Things took a turn for the worse when the instructions said do rinse out the trap I had just removed from underneath the clogged sink. Hey it didn't say to NOT rinse the trap in the sink that you just removed the trap from. I got that darn trap clean as a whistle but just about flooded out the cabinet and the rest of the bathroom. So my next assignment was drying out all the stuff from under the sink and letting the wood dry, and hopefully not mold. Details, details, I think those instructions were flawed.






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hey Dave:


that awesome chick of yours has ton of patience with you too, I better not give manual of our product, you will go nuts with assumption we take about users


but hey I hope atleast your brain learnt lesson today to not follow directions to the core and use your own ideas too.




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Yep, you're right. The instructions were flawed. In our family we always said reading the instructions was cheating. :big_grin:


There is a great chance I would have done the same thing. I got such a laugh out of your blog. I can just imagine the water going down through the open pipe. You go! :Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands:


Also, I love the inspiration "Awesome Chick" gives you to get things done around the house. A sort of "honey-do" list. :giggle: Take Care. LK

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Only read insruction manuals "when all else fails" OR there are too many left over parts..LOL


I worked for a women's clothing store for awhile. Our "buyer" would get displays and racks at "shows" half the time the instructions were in Chinese or a foreign language.

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