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So close but so far

Aussie Ken


As my foot drop and balance is getting better i feel i'm almost at the point of no return. It is now mind over matter before i take of solo and start walking unassisted. during the past week my wife has been just walking behind me with a reassuring hand resting on me hip. Turning she may place both hands just in case i topple backwards. Whilst doing me daily stand, i use a slooping board under my affected foot for 20 minutes, then 10 minutes with the foot flat on the floor wth the good foot elevated and affected knee slightly bent. i then do other exercises like steppin forward then backwards moving my affected leg back first putting the weight on the affected side first. then just swinging the affected leg to and fro. I have felt the muscles releasing themselves in the right leg and i have even been able to touch my toes by stooping down with knees bent.

i know once i can gain my independance and be able to walk around my confidence and self doubt will improve. My visit to the rehab doctor has been put back serveral weeks so it gives me a bit of time so that i can ditch the wheelchair and walk into the clinic.

I see the cardio doctor on Friday for an echo and hope that it will be all clear again.


have a good week and remember to keep smiling.






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are you sure your wife keeps her hand on your hips for supporting you incase you fall, oris she checking you out :big_grin:


I know you will walk unassisted pretty soon, if I was gambler I would have loved to bet on that one.




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Ken, our grandson is just learning to walk. It is a pity that older bones than his can't afford a few falls before they get the balance right. That would be the ideal situation wouldn't it? Ray is walking now, not as strong as before but walking.


Do you go to a hydrotherapy pool? Ray did really well for a while with hydrotherapy, then suddenly got sick of it. While he was doing it it certainly built up his endurance. He now pedals an old exercise bike sitting on a chair behind it. This strengthens his hip flexors which also helps with balance and walking.


I'm sure you are doing everything you can to strengthen your muscles and keep yourself flexible. Keep going and one day your wish to walk alone will be fulfilled.



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