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So Many Things On My Mind Today

Mary Jo


:head_hurts: Today is Tuesday. I love Tuesday, it makes me feel like I can start the week. The gardeners come on Tuesdays. I feel lucky to be able to have them. After Bill's stroke, the kids & I took turns or helped each other with the yard work. Bill & I always kept the yards looking beautiful. They still look very manicured. Bill & I worked together for over 30 years and planted every shrub and tree here. I miss those times so much. Those were some of our best times. Now I can't even get him to go outside. I do all the planting of the annuals and maintenance too. Thank goodness I can go outside and find beauty right in my own yard. I can go outside and and always find something to keep me busy. It is my favorite thing to do. It keeps me sane. It is my refuge.


Talked to son Billy today. Talk of SDI, Pension, etc. Talked of funerals vs. cremation. I am not sure about Bill's choice. Before he did not want cremation. I do. It is less expense for everyone. It kinda sounds cold, but it really isn't. Lots of thoughts. Didn't talk to Sarah today. Rcv'd email from sister Judy & sister in law Rose.


Another appointment for Bill today. This one is for the Urologist. It was a rerun of the last appt. Dr. went over the choices for surgeries for removal of Bill's kidney stone. We did the same thing last appt. It takes a lot out of both of us to get to the Dr. I guess we are one step closer. Just need approval from 3 more Dr.'s before he can be realesed to have the surgery. The biggest thing is that he has to quit taking the blood thinners before surgery and after surgery, which causes a greater risk.


Tonight we watched American Idol. We both enjoy it. I am routing for Blake & Jordan.


Time for sweet dreams. :cloud9: this looks like a nice soft snuggle


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Guest lwisman


Mary Jo,


I agree with you on cremation. Plus I can't imagine being in a box underground.


Interesting related story. When my Mom died she was cremated. We received a message from the person in the lawyers office handling her estate. They could not believe the amount claimed for funeral expenses. Thought it must be a misprint! Nope.


It is good to have all of these conversations with family ahead of time. That way things are already decided when the time comes to implement.

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Mary Jo:


In our Hindu religion we believe in cremation, and I feel it's so much better approach than funeral, rather than wasting that much space, and anyways soul lives on even after body is gone, so I will root for cremation, and anyway that person will be always in our thoughts, I don't need tombstone to visit





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Mary Jo,


I too am for cremation. In addition, if they can find anything to salvage at the time, I'm an organ donor. I've convinced, I think, my Kiddo that this is a good thing.


It's nice you have your yard to "lose" yourself in - I bet it's peacful with birds chirping.


I too am an Idol fanatic. I'm rooting for Jordin too. The guys haven't totally impressed me this year with their singing. I do like Chris and Blake's smiles :big_grin:

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