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One of those days...



If you have never been in a high school at the end of the year...then you haven't really lived. You know how people seem to behave strangely when the moon is full? It is like a full moon every day.


I swear, everything I had planned to do today has not worked out leaving me with very little time to find other options. AND my problem today has not been with the children, it has been with the grown people. I mean, how many idiots can you fit into this building without causing some sort of cosmic disaster?


I just keep chanting quietly to myself, "11 more days, 11more days..."




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Keep up with the count down in order to maintain your sanity so you're not like the rest :insane: .


Things are getting pretty :dribble: at my kiddo's Jr, High too.


Hang in there - peace and quiet is around the bend. :big_grin:

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my son is still in elementary school, I am so looking forward to his middle school & high school years, hopefully will get to be involved in his school like elemantary school.



you are amazing woman, after stroke able to deal with teenagers.


I pull my hair with my 10 yr old who is giving me his tweeny attitude.




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