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Canes/Walking sticks



Several years ago, I had read an article about decorated canes and in the Sunday Orlando paper this week, there was an article about a woman from there who started a business making decorsted canes. I'm not sure if she was the same woman or not but for something like 69.95, our clever ladies can decorate their canes, have the fun of doing it, be stylish and also help yourself have a better attitude.


At the time, I was in a group (chis, I suppose) and a woman had a problem (not a stroke) and had to use a cane. Being trained in fashion design, designing something like this was up my alley and I gave her many suggestions.Personally, I think my ideas were better (and the ideas of that woman) than the lady in Orlando, She uses a clear cane (acrylic) I think and removes the rubber tip and puts things inside. My suggestions to the gal and the ones that the woman made were decorsted on the outside.


The canes could be painted- one suggestion would be to paint a cane red and then used a stencil and make dime or nickle sized polka dots of white. You could paint the cane pick and around the top, under the handle put a bunch of flowers. Decoupage and then shelllac it. Rhinestones, sequins, jewels, bows or even buttons and bows- get those glue guns working.


And guys, you can use decirative studs and give your canes a western look - and add a tied kerchief. Of course you can paint them in different shades besides black or brown.


Think about it and make one for that special outfit.


And if Sarah is reading this, WoW! what a hat in the gallery picture. If you use a cane, you need a few matching posies to doll up your cane.


Let your imaginations run wild and perhaps support groups could have a cane decorsting contest.


Now why didn't I go into the decorsting business........well, no one says you can't be competition to the few who are now doing it.


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Hi Phil


Great post! I will be looking for the pictures. LOL


I got your email the other day. Sorry for not being home mutch over the past while. I have some posts lined up for Harmony Lane and I just have to make the time (and the energy) to get at them.


I hav'nt had the opportunity to respond to your email (it is on my to do list) so I thought I would post to your blog to at least let you know I am doing ok.


Those canes sound like the cat's meow! :happydance:


Smiles :)



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Great story Phyllis. Denny has several different canes he likes to use, depending on where we are going. But his two favorites are 1) his walking stick that he used to use when he was a guide at the Grand Canyon. 2) He has one that is a rattlesnake skin wrapped around a cane, complete with head and fangs! Needless to say he gets a lot of comments on that one.

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Years ago, my mother had to use a cane. Her friends decorated her cane for her. They put a rearview mirror on it, a bicycle bell and fake flowers. Its pretty cool and a good conversation piece. I used it for awhile and then the therapist said it was the wrong size for me. Take Care and enjoy decorating canes. LK
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