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Ibeen fully serviced

Aussie Ken


Yesterday i had a visit to the dentist for my half yearly check, just a a small repair job to 2 old fillings was all that was needed.

So over the past month i have been to my local GP for flu shots, Cardio specialist for a heart echo, had some blood tests and another ECG, and a visit to my physio. Every thing was ok and they are all happy with me and the care i've been getting. :cheer:

Now i feel like i have been fully serviced, all i need to do is get my suspension working and i will be a new man.

As winter is almost upon us here in Australia i long for sping as i hate being cold, thankfully we don't get snow in SYDNEY. But it is still very dry and need heaps more rain, nothing flooding but the nice steady gentle stuff.

On weekends my son's soccer team has been having a horrible year. My daughter hasn't played this year due to work and ankle problems.

well thats about all my news


take care




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Ken, glad you have been for your annual tune-up. Now all you need is a little panel beating and you will be "as new".


Enjoy the warm and cosy inside aspect of winter. I get out my old CDs, favourite movies, craft and hobby box etc and wait for those dull, wintry days to start. It is a wonderful excuse for not having to go out. I can stay at home and semi-hibernate. Of course a couple of weeks later I am stir-crazy!


Rain is predicted for the end of the week, but unless the forecaster has a crystal ball who knows if we will get rain or not?



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