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One Month Past for Bud



I took Bud to see the specialist and to do a rehab there for an hour. They took Bud's staples out (there was 7, not 6 of them LOL :head_hurts: ). They put Bud in the water treadmill. He was having soooo fun there. There girls love him (again, Bud won't share :bop: ). They say he is doing great and come back in a month check-up. I'll do abit more walking and around uneven floors (lawn) for him. He is laying there sleeping bacause he is sooo tierd now. :Clap-Hands:





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:Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands: Yeah Bud - keep up the good progress. It's quite obvious you are being well cared for :big_grin:

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You go Bud! I knew he would get better - how could he not with 24/7 care from his best friend. I often wonder how my little Gem would do on a treadmill - probably love it like Bud.


Gem and I did a 5K Walk together on Sunday for the annual Healthy Heart Fundraising Walk, Gem set the pace and I followed, watching her enjoyment checking out new trails was a lot of fun. Pretty tired the next day but it was worth it so see Gem have such fun.


Keep up the excellent rehab you are doing for Bud.




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Dear Bill--I am so sorry I missed your blog about Bud's surgery. I feel so badly for you and Bud. I know how much he means to you. I am so glad, by the other hand, that he is doing so well and is recovering remarkably -- a testament to your ministrations. Give him a hug and kiss for me. These are the hugs that have his name on them...no sharing..sorry. :friends: :friends: :friends: Take Care. LK
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Glad to read about Bud and his progress:) I'm sure he is quite the ladies man.


Keep us posted...Take care Bill,



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glad to hear he is doing so well, :hug: we're all rooting for him :cheer: :cheer: you really need to teach him about sharing, how will he ever get into a play group if he won't share :dribble: IPB Image

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