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2 Months past for Bud



I took Bud for his checkup with the specialist after surgery 2 months ago (May 3, 2007). They said he is doing great and now i'm adding stairway walking (one landing) for him (strength). He are still walking (15 minutes max.) with him 3x day.


Now we do this for the next 6 weeks then we go back for another checkup. This could take it up till 3-5 months for recovering. I also got him a few pounds down off him and they are happy for that. He was never fat but after winter and surgery and had a "few" pounds on him. He is looking good!!!









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Hey Bill,


Bud may be ready to mate now that he's lost a few pounds, looking good and exercising daily. He'll be back in top shape in no time. :Hummm:

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Glad to see your best friend is doing so well and that he is getting you out for a little exercise. :D He does, in deed, look good!




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Bill thanks for the update. I was just thinking about him the other day and wondered how he was doing. He's one handsome puppy! :D

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:big_grin: Snooty said that Bud is a cool looking dude.........


By the way, I liked the picture of your aphasia group; and you are the coolest looking dude among all those old geezers. LOL! Takes an old-timer to know one. :roflmao:

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:Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands: Thanks for the update. What a great caregiver you are. Soon Bud will be up to frisbees and swimming.. Way To Go..


All the "critters" here are sending "howls" to Bud..

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bill, i am so happy that bud is doing so well, you as his master has done a wonderful job in caring for him. he looks so good, i wish i was a dog, lol. he might be ready for a nite out with the ladies, huh. keep up the good work and give bud a kiss from all his lady friends at strokenet.

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Bill - it is amazing how much better Bud looks. I think you should put a red bandana around his neck for Canada Day and show him off. The love between man and dog shows in the picture of you two.


Happy Canada Day to both of you.




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