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3 Months past for Bud



I had Bud to the specialist last night for his 3 month checkup from the surgery. They said i'm doing great for him and said he is walking normal and looks great. We don't have to go back now as she said it's 3 months now and it feels healed now. He may have a limp abit when he's tired for the rest of his life but he is looking happy and not in pain anymore.


Go Bud Go!!!



:Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands:


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GREAT JOB Bill... So HAPPY to hear Bud is making such a good recovery.. Molly my little min pin, had to have the head of the femur removed whaen she was about 6 months old. She is now 9. her one leg is a little shorter. but she runs and digs and she can even jump on the couch.. It is amazing.... I did PT and massage on her also.


Give Bud hugs and kisses from all at our house. :) :)



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Oh, how great! Now both of you are headed for the top. So happy for both of you.........Oh? :oops:



Dear Bud,

This is your friend, Snooty Noel and I want to give you a big smooch because I am so happy for you. Of course I am smaller (and shorter) than you, so please lay down so I can reach your nose. :friends:


I can't keep her off the computer when she sees your name!


Phyllis :lol:

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