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Summer Break?



The last daughter just walked into the door from the last day of school. It is officially SUMMER BREAK. I have been looking forward to this for several weeks now. I don

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The Christian Camp sounds like the perfect getaway for all as there will be something for each of you to do. Don't worry about justifying the trip - call it needed family preservation and regrouping. As to your volunteering - sounds great. Is there someone you could turn to as in friends who could visit with hubby while you're gone? You need to take care of yourself too, don't forget. You'll be no good to anyone else unless you have "you" time.


As to the "ex" - he needs to stop being so full of himself and follow the visitation agreement. That's my :2cents: worth :big_grin: My daughter's "sperm donor" is not part of our lives, thank goodness.

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