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My day in ER



I spent about three hours in ER today and I am happy to say that I am okay. Shortly after lunch, I began experiencing severe pain in my upper right back just below the shoulder blade. The pain was so bad, I became nauseous and felt faint. I was also perspiring a lot.


Misti, my caregiver, was still here so she called the doctor's office. She was told to get me to ER right away. We live about 5 minutes from the hospital so Paul and Misty got me in the car and took me. It was faster than waiting for the ambulance.


I was hooked up to the monitor; had an EKG, had blood drawn and had a chest X-ray. Everything was normal, but I continued to have the pain. I was given morphine, which made me more nauseous and did not stop the pain. Finally, I was given torodol and that was affective. It was decided I had a bad muscle spasm and I now have two more meds to take - a muscle relaxant and a pain reliever.


This spasm happened on my right side - my good side. I think I have been aggravating my right side by pushing myself around in the wheelchair and I can't do it anymore. I am getting a loaner motorized WC in a week and then I will talk to my doctor about getting something permanent.


Just one more day in the life of a stroke survivor! :wacko:




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So called you're ok hon!!!! I'm undergoing pt for right lower back spasms that I've been getting. The goal is strengthen the rest of my back to relieve the wear and tear on the lower back. Talk to your doc about some pt - it's helped me alot...I'm now able to get up out of bed in the morning without the help of my daughter. Previously, she had to help me stand up as the pain and spasms were so bad. I still have pain but it's doable.


Good luck.

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I have had two of those ER runs, stayed over night both times. Got hooked up to all those machines, MRI's and all. The results were they can't find or see anything different.


I was thinking TIA's, so I don't know but each time I lost a bit more ability to function and walk which is still true today. The stiffness seem to be greater also and I still do all my exercises.


OK, I had a bleed and I'm told the dried blood in the brain can press on the nerves causing a problem. I guess after 3 years it all should be dried up by now. At any rate I'm not moving like I was 2 years ago, even a year ago.

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hi Vi:


so glad everything is okay with you, I hope you get your motorized scootor and start walking more to get out of that wheelchair.




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