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wild nights



Now before you get too excited this is not an expose of the night life here. It is an explanation of why we have been off the air from 9.30am Friday till 12.30am Sunday morning. We have been experiencing really rough weather on our part of the coast and the power lines were down all over so no lights, no power, no computer...wah!!


The drama started on Friday morning when after an overnight of high winds with some rain the lights went out. This happened just before our Friday minder came, this was not the usual one as he had lost part of his roof in Thursday night's wind storm and was waiting for State Emergency Services to come with a tarpaulin to put over it. So in walked a new young lady, 45 minutes late and wondering what to do. Ray headed for the shower and it wasn't until he was undressed we realised no power, no hot water. Luckily a trickle of hot water still came through the pipes so he did get a wash of sorts.


This was the start of an event filled day as I had some company coming, old friends from the early '80's who were on their way to Sydney and had decided to use our place as their morning tea stop. Through wind and rain I went intrepidly to the shopping centre to buy supplies as this is also the Queen's Birthday long weekend so I had invited Tori over as well - alas that was not to work out at all.


Got home after the visitors arrived, driving rain etc and had an uneasy first few minutes as I could not even offer them morning tea, but then Ray's bus came to take him off to Scallywags so the worker left and the visitors and I went out for a very quick lunch down at the shopping centre where the lights etc were still on. We had to go out as I couldn't even offer them a cup of warm water - no power. It's amazing how you never even think of the convenience of it until it is gone! And yes, we used to keep a small spirit stove etc for emergencies but seems they are all rusty, out of service etc now. However a sandwich and a cup of tea and we felt much better. And they went on their way glad they had been able to renew the friendship.


I did manage a quick visit to Mum, that being the third time I got soaked in a downpour, it was getting a bit regular now. There was a wind warning, I heard that on the car radio and thought yes, a little bit of wind, the rain was still pouring down. Ray came home and went to bed and then a phone call: "Mum do you know anyone with a four wheel drive and a baby seat? Alex needs picking up from pre-school and neither Pam or I can get there, we are both flooded in at work!" So I went over the road to my neighbour who has that kind of vehicle and next door to my neighbour there who would need to mind Ray. It was just on dark and the wind howling like a wolf pack now. Luckily his GPS system chose the only road that was open all the way through!


Long story short, we did get through, over the ridge, first time on the dirt for my neighbour's car! Alex was overjoyed to see the "gorgeous Granma" and we brought him back here. As the weather eased back a tad Pam managed to get out and get through the minor flooding and rescue her little man and take him home. Much relief all round. Tori had been picked up by a neighbour from her school and was happily playing with their brood. It was decided to postpone her visit to another weekend.


But about 11pm the wind built up again and the house seemed under assault and by 3am it was like a mini cyclone, high winds, constant beating rain etc. Down came some branches off my trees, tin rattled and banged, the roof shuddered but luckily nothing broke through. In the morning we saw a lawn covered by leaves and twigs and the branches across the driveway but all else was fine. Thank goodness for small mercies. Some of the rest of the neighbours lost trees and fences and have pieces missing from gables etc but all of ours held.


Today has been an odd day as we went to the shopping centre where they do have power and did some shopping and had brunch, then came home and did nothing much as it was cold and almost dark all day. Trev came home late after noon and we were mighty glad to see him. Another pair of strong arms is always welcome. And the second run of high winds didn't arrive so maybe in a few days when the rain clears up we will be able to go out and tidy up again.


I was so glad when I woke after mid-night to hear the tv on and the house busy with the hum of the electrical appliances again. Power to the people!!! Hip, hip, hooray!


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Guest lwisman


Isn't it true that one does not truly value electricity (or other utilities for that matter) until they aren't there?


Glad all worked out in the end. Keep Smiling. :big_grin:

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Know the feelings; much like our tropical storms and hurricanes. You were gutsy to go out in that weather. (Wonder if people who use proper English use the term "gutsy"?) Duh! but that's what you were. LOL



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You almost have to tie everything down anymore with some of the bad storms we get. We lost 2 glass patio tables from bad storms and high winds. The tables shattered into a thousand pieces. We learned our lesson after the 2nd one and went with wrought iron-lol.


Glad all is ok :friends:

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Ray and I went up to my sisters place about 40 minutes drive from here for lunch today. We saw a lot of the low lying areas are still covered with water, and where we went past the lake the playgrounds etc on the edges are still under water. I only drove through one lot of shallow water myself. It was a lovely day today, bright blue sky, sunny, just a light breeze, what a contrast.


The floodwaters should soon recede, the excess water should drain away. I just have a yard full of small branches and twigs to deal with. Oh well, I got off pretty lightly so have to be grateful for that.


Sue. :happydance:

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glad you and ray came through in good shape, sounds like you had a wild time of it. am so glad you didn't gt any damage. I too used to keep a camp stove around for emergencies. now have gas stove so as long as have propane am good to go. :hug: :dribble:

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Hi Sue was thinking about you guys up there on the centrl coast. in my part of Sydney wasn't to bad but we were glad the driveway is not a well conceted area although planty of pine needles covering the area. Take care as it's pouring again in Sydney today (saturday 16th).


cheers Ken

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