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quiet day



For a while now I have been trying to make some changes in my life. One of them is to calm life down. Now I can be a bit of a drama queen (hey! I am a woman!) and I know that stress is not good for me and worse for Ray so I am trying to de-stress us both. As Ray ages he certainly appreciates the quiet life. And if he is stressed the result shows up in his sugar readings, they sky rocket, so it is in his interest too that we live a quieter life.


This resulted in me having a very quiet birthday. But it was good because that was my choice.


I wondered how to make the day special and came up with a plan. I sent Ray off to Daycare as usual. Then I went down to our small shopping village and bought two large iced and filled cakes. I took them down to Mum's Dementia lodge and had them cut up for morning tea. That way I shared them with Mum and all her companions. And it was worth it to see how much they all appreciated the cream and jam filled treats! The expressions on the faces as they licked their lips was amazing! It is so much better to give than to receive when you can receive so much from giving!


The rest of the day was the usual shopping and I visited a girlfriend for the last hour before Ray came home. I did have a lot of greetings on the phone and by email (thank you, thank you) and a few cards in my letter box so it was a good day. And a friend who used to be a florist left a beautifully boxed flower arrangement on my doorstep!


I finished the day by taking Ray out to dinner. I have posted a new caregiver's hint too as I have found a way of making dining out easier for Ray. It is hard when he has so many issues to enjoy a meal out. BUT we have actually had three meals out recently and all have gone well.


We had Steve and Pam and the two little ones over on Sunday night and just had takeout (Asha's suggestion) and so not a lot of tidying up afterwards. Alex's new party trick is to stand and smile. He actually stood for over a minute at one stage so it will not be long before he is walking now. Which is good as Pam is expecting the next baby mid-August. He is a beautiful boy now, big cheeky grin and a little gurgly laugh. Tori is a great BIG SISTER and plays with him nicely when asked to do so. She is still Granma's best girl too.


We are going out to craft this afternoon and Lions Club dinner tonight so I should get some more greetings, then our next door neighbour is taking us out to coffee after I finish here with you all on chat so the blessings continue. It is good to have friends, in real time and in cyberspace and I do give thanks for all of you.


Thanks to all who sent me greetings and personal messages. You are the BEST!


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Sue, belated happy birthday for yesterday. With our vast time difference, I never know whether we are on the same day or not. I will have a birthday toast for you tonight when I get home.:cocktail: xxxxx

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Guest lwisman




Happy belated birthday!!


What a great idea to take cake to your Mom's lodge. Doing something for someone else on your birthday is a great way to affirm both your life and others.


I read your blog about Ray and food. That was a great idea also!

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I am glad you had great day on your birthday, I agree with you giving brings more happiness than receiving, you had great idea of sharing your birthday at dementia lodge.




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Dear Sue--I am so glad you had a great day for your birthday. I always feel that on one's birthday, all of one's wishes should come true;that THAT day is for the birthday person.


Before I forget, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Take Care. LK :happybday: :happybday:

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I would like to add my good wishes as well.


Happy Birthday Sue, I hope you have a good year. I wish health and happiness to both you and Ray



Happy Birthday XxX








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Glad you had a quite day Sue, i think we all agree that life is getting too fast and people are just not taking the time to smell the roses and enjoy life.

i wish i had taken more time and slowed down.


cheers Ken


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We have just come back from having lunch at a cafe on the seashore at one of our local beaches. It was my birthday treat from my next door neighbour. It is my last present but I did so enjoy it. It is so good to watch the toddlers building sand castles while their mums sit and chat and drink lattes. It was about 68 degrees so pretty mild for six days into winter!


Thanks every one for your greetings for my birthday, it certainly does make it special. I am so glad I found this site and all of you.


(((Hugs ))) from Sue.

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sue, first I will say I admire your spirit, when my son was growing up and in a wheelchair I remember how hard some places were to go, and I was dealing with a chil not a full grown man, over the years I have heard of other wheelchsair bound peoplwe writing travel guides for other wheelchair bound people, don't know if there is one for your area, you might ask around, also Happy belated birthday. glad you were able to do something you could enjoy and share it with you mum and her friends. :cheer: :hug: :happybday: :dribble:

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happy belated birthday...we got back from our trip to BC. on tuesday with one terrible flu, couldn't hold anything in my stomach for three days.., no energy or desire to even unpack the suitcases. Couldn't manage two in one day.. We think we may have gotten a bit of food poisoning, as we had fish with tarter sauce, and hubby was really sick with the runs for a couple of days.. May have been the tarter sauce as they leave it out all day and it contains mayo, so not the best thing to do..and to eat..We went to my granddaughter's fist communion in Calgary and then on to Kelowna to visit with Mom who is now in a nursing home as she can not walk due to her hip coming and bones deteriorating. She is not very happy now and makes no attempt to be nice..so packed up some of her stuff and then went out to the house boat for a couple of days ... nice but not for long.. Encounted quite a storm on the way home .. but I guess were lucky to have avoided the brunt of it.. must start to blog again till then hope to get some of the blogs read, summer is such a busy time...again happy belated birthday deenie

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