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i was up late last night and added a new entry to my blog, but somehow i lost it, so i will try again, the reason i was up late was that my son's dog had gotten into some ants, he then began to have an allergic reaction. face swelled up, labored breathing and not acting right. he was in my lap and started to vomit,ugh..., but we caught him in time, so he did it on the floor, then he decided to poop, right in front of everyone, we knew then something was wrong. they scooped him off to the emergency vet, we all were frantic at that point. these were the tiny ants, lethal none the less. we have desert landscaping,decorative rocks and ants love to make nests there. never had a problem before with them and my pets, but poor dawson did. he is a miniature long haired dauschaund(sp). i felt terrible and so did the kids. once at the vet, he was better but they gave him a benadryl shot and iv to rehydrate him, due to vomiting. they got home after midnight, so i sat here and started thinking about diane, veggie vampire, and was so depressed about her death.

it's not fair, she wasn't that old and she was working so hard in recovery to beat her stroke. she was lucky to be alive in the first place. she was compassionate and caring for others and still had children to raise. then in a flash she is gone. how unfair and precious life is. i feel terrible for her family. this website i love for what it provides for people, but i hate why it was created due to strokes. she didn't complete her recovery journey. we all stood back and applauded her improvements. i have my memories of getting to know her and comfort in knowing she no longer has to fight so hard each day now. she is at peace and will be missed by us all. i know she is up there cheering all of us on to our recoveries. still doesn't seem fair.

dawson is home and feeling better, thank goodness and we will remedy this problem so it doesn't happen again. in chat last night, we all toasted diane with denny's great drinks and had a few minutes of silence for her. i'm sure she appreciated it.


to all of those affected by stroke and possible swallowing problems, please be extra careful. we all are family here and i don't like loosing family members.

til next time on a happier note, i'm sure.



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I have been thinking about Diane also.. To overcome so many odds..


She did fight a good fight. but as Ross said she is now at Peace ..


I am glad dawson is ok.. I keep liquid benadryl on hand here at home. the dose for dogs is 1 milligram per pound. My guys found a ground hornet nest one summer.... so I have a little emergency kit for the dogs also.. and i keep a roll of kerlix the adhesive type bandage that sticks to itself.



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I am glad you blogged again, it is better to put our thoughts on paper, I want to cry too, due to Diane's untimely death and what she endured during her last 2.5 years atleast now she is at peace and whole again on that rainbow bridge.





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I too keep thinking of our Veggie Vampire and her courageous spirit. I'll always remember her for that. I am glad Dawson is doing better.

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thankyou ladies for your replys. i know things happen for a reason, its just the whys i hate.


blessings to everyone,


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