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well i did it i think, not that it was easy. my son and daughter in law helped me set some goals on walking more. so each day i have been walking further than day before. so yesterday we walked to the end of the neighbors driveway and back, they were behind me with my wc just in case. maybe it was the comfort knowing they were there if i needed them, we didn't pick the coolest part of the day to do this though. i live in the az desert and it was 110 yesterday and i felt it,but i did it none the less. wooooohooooo. i still have to use my cane and brace but thats ok. i have tried with therapy to walk without cane, but not able to with enough confidence i need. my affected leg still swings out to much trying to take a step. so i will keep my cane for awhile yet. i do ok walking around the house or short distances. yesterday was a biggie for me,so each day alittle further, til i can complete the culdesac i live on.

my sister is coming out in sept for her birthday and we are going sightseeing and i want to be able to walk more so i don't have to use my wc as much. i still tire easily and the extra weight since stroke doesn't help when i try to go anything physical. so the kids living here is a motivation, and increase in my comfort level. since hubby works long hrs in the heat he hasn't felt like helping me to much and i understand that, but i wouldn't walk outside much without someone being around for safety. i am tickled to death at myself.


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hey Kimmie:


congratulations, have you looked into investing in treadmill, best investment for us, all these small steps will add up into significant gains.



keep on walking, first with cane then wean yourself off the cane.




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Guest lwisman




Have you considered getting a rollator (cart with wheels). My walking really improved after getting mine. It is more natural than canes and provides an assurance of something to hang onto. Mine also includes a built in seat so if I get tired I can take a break.


When I started walking I counted steps and added five each day. Then I moved to adding distance. Now I use time.


I also started by going to a park. Nice views.


Good luck to you. Keep at it. It will come. :Clap-Hands:

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YEAH Kim.. great job. I see many people here with "rollators" You might be able to get it covered by Insurance if your Dr writes a prescription for it. Safety and security is great. Way to Go !! :):)




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Congratulations Kim!


Setting the goal is the first step to accomplishing it. 110 degrees would have made me melt...I like the Pacific Northwest's weather, something around 70 degrees is more my style.


Way to go and doesn't it feel great at the end to have accomplished so much.




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