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black cloud



i swear since before my stroke, there was a black cloud over my family, sons car stolen, other son married to a wacko seriously, my stroke, lost my malpractice case and other things i can't even remember now, now last 2 wks, dishwasher died, pump on pool not working right, ac died last week and 113 outside and yesterday the plumbing starts to back up. i know things happen in 3's, but come on i give up already, spare me any more diasters, please. i don't want another stroke. since the kids are here now, it helps my stress but i hate for them to have to deal with all of this too. but hey they are kids they will adapt. all has been fixed but the pool which is thursday but i wanted to get into the pool tomorrow the 4th and have a good time, like we always have. oh well not this year i guess. i'll just walk further tomorrow i guess and really work up a sweat and have someone hose me off.lol things could be worse so i better not complain or the black cloud will burst open. hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of july.


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I hope all starts going better on your end. Today we had to go to Walgreen's to get me a script. Sprinklers were on at a business - darn it felt good.

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I remember going through a period shortly after Gary got home from rehab, where we lost numerous cousins and Aunts and nothing seemed to be going well, dishwasher leaked, had to replace whole floor under it, hot water heater sprung a leak, etc. I made the mistake of asking "what next?" and it was never long before I got an answer. I learned to quit asking. LOL








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The bad - sorry these things happened. The good - start planning for next year's 4th when you will be here and able to go into the pool.


Eventually, these problems go to someone else. I don't really believe that anyone is ever spared completely.

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