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not much better



well lets see, the black cloud hasn't lifted too much, i developed a painful kidney stone that sent me to the er, that wasn't fun and had me down for a few days and today i felt like i hadn't passed it and the pain was back but it is better now so maybe it was gas, who knew. i still have been walking more when i felt good enough but my leg gets so tired sometimes but i know its building up strength. the monsoons are here now, so it rains almost daily, so i try to beat the storms and get out to walk fairly early in the day. my son starts nursing school in a few weeks, yipee, there is a 2 year waiting list, so hes ready and i am so excited for him. i found out today my sister is coming out to see me, taking a few days around her birthday in September and we can do some sight seeing and hit the casino's. i'm ready for some fun, i need it. my freezer in the garage died, so we lost alot of meat but the thing was over 10yrs old so i guess i got my money's worth out of it. just another expense i didn't need right now but then nothing ever happens when you are ready for it i suppose. well at least the house hasn't flooded and the roof don't leak thats a blessing. when it rains it pours around here lately and i know it will get better, the million dollar question is when!!

the critters are all doing well and being critters, we all have long talks everyday day, so we understand each other, especially at dinner time,lol


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I hope you can beat that stupid kidney stone. You get pain in your leg, I get pain in my lower back - Great pair we are. I work on stretching it out, sometimes successful - sometimes not. That's a shame about your freezer. Appliances aren't made like in days of old when they lasted forever.


Kiddo had hoped for some good monsoon storms before we left - her friend has filled her in on them. We've had a few storms here though nothing like a Phoenix monsoon storm.We're to have a few more days of dry weather, then rain is to move in again. Good sleeping weather though (for us at least lol) though locals say it's too warm. How do the critters like the thunder and lighting?

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Hi Kimmie, hope it isn't the kidney stone again.. AARGH. Sorry about the freezer.


Glad you are getting your walks in, I know I get tired and sometimes legs feel like rubber, but it is importanat to keep moving .. whatever we can.


It is supposed to hit 80 here today, a little warmer the next couple days. NO AC here.. just fans. The nights cool down so it is great for sleeping.


Hope things settle down..

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it has been storming everyday for this week so far, the critters don't like the thundering, they just find a bed to crawl under till it stops and whimper alittle and then they come out to check that everyone is ok and still here. its funny to watch them until they settle down. bless their little hearts. i don't know what i would do without my little friends, they are the world to me. lets hope we don't float away, the way it floods out here,LOL. the cats try to get in a payback slap as the dogs run pass them on their way to find the bed when the thundering starts. never a dull moment around here lately. lets see what the rest of the week brings.

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